Environmental Sustainability

Over the last five years, museum staff have been working to improve the museum's environmental sustainability. This is just a start, but it's something they're working towards every day. 

Initiatives have included:

  • Reusing and recycling exhibition materials - wherever possible, exhibition materials are reused or recycled. 
  • Lights - Throughout the museum, halogen and incandescent bulbs have been replaced with LED bulbs. Not only has this reduced the amount of electricity required to operate the museum, it has also saved staff time, as the LEDs last much longer than the bulbs they replaced.  In addition, the museum uses lighting controls to further reduce energy consumption of lighting e.g. lights tied to motion sensors, using photocells/dimming, and insuring that staff turn off lights after hours.
  • Water - A new drinking fountain includes a bottle filling station, so museum visitors can fill their own water bottles, instead of going to the store for a new one.